1 Year 100 lb Weight Loss - Mind & Body Transformation

1 Year 100 lb Weight Loss – Mind & Body Transformation


I put together a video with clips from my transformation over the past year. It was TRULY a MIND and BODY transformation! And, believe it or not, my MIND transformation was FAR greater than my body transformation.

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5 thoughts on “1 Year 100 lb Weight Loss – Mind & Body Transformation

  1. “Do more of what makes you happy” may seem like a over-simplistic explanation, and to some may feel like a disappointing message in light of his transformation. You may feel like you want to know what the “secret” was. I think as simple as the message may first appear, there is some layered depth to it. So often we *don’t* do what makes us happy…we do what gives us short-term gratification (food, booze, sex, drugs, etc.), and we deny ourselves the real substantive things in life that ultimately provide the longer term growth and peace of mind. “Do more of what makes you happy” is an affirmation, and a reminder to treat yourself well, be good to yourself, give yourself permission to live your life to it’s fullest.

  2. Right when I rip out my potato chip

    YouTube: “you can do better”
    Me: yup, after I finish this bad boy🤦‍♂️

  3. At 62, 5-5 and 300… have I given up? I’m told over and over that the major part of weight loss is diet. To manage that, I’d have to cook for myself… which would create a real problem. My wife gets extremely upset if I want the same meal two days in a row, or leave anything for leftovers, or want a light meal even. She has a physically demanding job and can eat a whole plate three times a day without gaining anything. I have an office job and cannot eat the same volume without gaining… which I have over the 25 years we’ve been married. I was under 170 back then. 5 pounds a year over 25 years. This kind of change requires control not only of your diet, your exercise, your personal self-worth but your relationships too. I was a fat kid. On my own at college, the weight came off. Got married, got fat. Got divorced, got thin. Got married again, and I am now twice the man I once was.

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