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27 thoughts on “Vegetable Fajitas Recipe video – Mexican Cuisine Recipes by Bhavna

  1. does Paparika even have a flavor? I have tried to taste it on my finger, and I don't taste anything. I put it in my Deviled eggs, but I thought it was for looks?

  2. the only thing about Asian recipes and chefs from there is that they use too much hot spices when even it's not that necessary not that I don't love spicy food I just find it hard to try their recipes

  3. I seriously doubt that is a basic way to do Mexican veggie fajitas. First of all with the amount of veggies you cut up you need a BIGGER pan!! 2nd all those condiments that you haphazardly poured in isn’t necessary!! Oregano and cumin is enough with salt and pepper

  4. funny you used old el paso actually from old el paso…lol…el paso tx…so you basically just substituted the chicked with mushrooms…laetiporus mushrooms actually taste like chicken…they look wierd though…grow on trees

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