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21 thoughts on “Alicia Silverstone Serves Up Vegan Recipes ღ♥

  1. This is funny, but few years from now this will be an accepted theory.
    Chinese Biologists are now building hypothesis with the use of laboratory animals to calculate the evolution effect if people turn vegan in the next 250 thousand years.

    You are looking at a Humans with total grinder teeth, mo more sharps, bigger mouth and a bloated mid section just like goats as compared to dogs to accomodate larger volume of plant food. Brain size also lowers proportionately from dogs to goat size.

  2. i love alicia silverstone ! ! ! its great shes a vegan , shes so kind , shes one of the onmy kind celebs out thee coz she respekts da aniamls go vegan!!! may god bless her she got amazin karma , im sure she gon live a hapy and long life coz that wat ethical peopl got as a thank u for bein so nice to the animal angelz

  3. It's usually really good when you first make it, but ground flax seed usually replaces eggs and after it's ground and cooked it goes rancid more quickly because it has 0 saturated fats. Of course, any meal is only as good as the person that prepares it, and that has nothing to do with vegan.

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