Weight Loss Food

If you are not taking the right food for burning unwanted calories then there is no chance of loosing weight, start burning fat from your kitchen. Therefore if you really want to achieve your goal of weight loss then fill your kitchen cabinets with healthy and weight loss food items, they will help you in attaining your weight loss goal. In this article we are mentioning some weight loss food that will help you in getting your fat loss goal.


Yogurt is full of nutrients and low in calories. You can increase the taste of yogurt by adding cottage cheese and nuts. Its satisfy appetite without getting fat and calories.


No doubt almonds are full of fat but they keep the fat that is necessary to burn calories. Almonds have all the nutrients that can keep you on right track. The fat which the human body need to function can be get from almonds, because there is no better place to get fat other than almonds.

Chicken Breast

For any fitness diet chicken breast is the best weight loss food. It contain full of fat burning protein. To get 20 to 40 grams of protein you have to take 3 to 4 ounces of chicken breast. Chicken breast can be prepared in so many ways and you will not get tired of this routine.


Tilapia is the absolute best weight loss food for those who do not like fish. 4 ounces of tilapia contains almost 20 grams of protein and it is filled with omega 3.


Shrimp is one more sea food. It is full of protein. Without taking too much calories you can eat as much shrimp as you like. Shrimp can be used with wheat pasta or cocktail sauce.

Whole Wheat Pasta

It will help you to maintain your insulin levels and will burn fat. Mix it with lean hamburger meat, shrimp, tuna, and chicken. To make a perfect snack, add some low calorie sauce.

Sweet Potatoes

Only sweet potatoes can satisfy sweet tooth, they are considered the perfect weight loss food for any fitness buff. You will be totally satisfied, if you take them with protein. They contain slow absorbing carbs.

Whole Wheat Bread

Many people think that bread is not good for people who are losing their weight. But I am here to tell you that whole wheat bread is good for tuna sandwiches and lean hamburgers. It will provide you energy to function daily routine.

Herbal tea

Drink herbal tea such as green tea and Oolong tea, these drinks are ideal for weight loss. For healthy weight loss, do not drink any kind of alcohol for almost first 2 weeks. You can take a glass of wine a day after that. A glass of hot water with salt and lemon juice is perfect drink for weight loss.

You must try to follow the above weight loss food. These foods will not only help in reducing weight but also make you healthy and beautiful.

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