Top 5 WRONG Fitness myth that you should know!

I just want you to have right perception about it, everyone deserve this truth because if you do it wrong it can make you more fatigue and exhaust so let’s get started to the point!!

NO.5 : Working out should have some pain for getting benefits from it.

Most of people don’t know that the pain is the injury not benfits. If you do it right, not any parts of your body will be injured. If you hurt, it can mean that you do it in wrong way so change it. This is exercise not torture, you get it?

NO.4 : You must overdo it, for gaining the effective result.

This is fucking wrong! To build your muscle, you need to let them rest for effective building. Muscle doesn’t create when you overdo it, it is created when you build it in right way. If you not forgot the point of muscle building which is exercise ,eat and rest right, you is in the right way. To make it right, you need to do it normal, just that.

NO.3 : Another great ay of losing weight is swimming.

Swimming can strengthen your lung, toning muscle and even reduce the stress and tension but the shocking truth is it will not help you losing weight much even if you do it like athlete for hours a day.


Because you swim in the water which that is the point. The water have buoyancy that support your body so the result is you not work hard as it should be. After swimming, the report says that you tend to eat more than your use which will break your eating plan into a piece.

To conclude, running is better than swimming.

NO.2 : Running on treadmill is better than running on pavement

Everyone knows that running is the best workout in the world, but it’s disadvantage is it will impact your knee by your bodyweight which is bad so people will think that running on treadmill is better than running on asphalt which is false, it is the same.

How to fix it?

You need to switch running and another cardio workout, this will recuse the impact and your knee will be fine.

NO.1 : Starvation can effectively losing weight.

This is an very old belief which say mouth to another mouth, we just believe this truth automatically because of it’s reason but what is the truth of behind this story?

The truth is starvation will make our body into reservation energy mode which mean our body will preserve the energy for survival so even let’s return to th losing weight point. Our body weight will decrease when we use more than we get but in reservation energy mode you will use very less energy in your daily life which mean you have to starvation for a long time to make you weight lose, and starvation is bad for your health too so learn how to lose weight naturally is the best way to reduce the weight.

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