Weight Loss Food

If you are not taking the right food for burning unwanted calories then there is no chance of loosing weight, start burning fat from your kitchen. Therefore if you really want to achieve your goal of weight loss then fill your kitchen cabinets with healthy and weight loss food items, they will help you in attaining your weight loss goal. In this article we are mentioning some weight loss food that will help you in getting your fat loss goal. Continue reading “Weight Loss Food”

Perfect Belly Fat Exercises

It seems that our bellies are the first places that develop fat. Belly fat can be incredibly hard to get rid of, and even harder to keep off. As with any weight-loss program, exercise is the most important thing. Below you will find several popular, proven belly fat exercises that will help you burn belly fat and achieve your fitness goals.

1. Basic Crunch
This one seems obvious, but crunches made this list because they are simply one of the best ways to burn body fat. I will assume you all know what a crunch is… Continue reading “Perfect Belly Fat Exercises”

Weight Loss Recipes

Every diet program includes healthy weight loss recipes, these weight loss recipes are healthy to use and low in calories, so they are helpful in losing unwanted weight.

These recipes are normally keep taste and flavor, so the best thing about these weight loss recipes is you can reduce your extra pounds without leaving taste in your food and you do not need to starve yourself because of tasteless meals. Continue reading “Weight Loss Recipes”

Do you have a healthy lunch?

In our busy life, most people enjoy to eat junk food which they think it is the best choice because their claim that they don’t have enough time to make a healthy lunch but after reading this your will have new vision of selecting your lunch.

A study by Paul Johnson and Paul Kenny at the Scripps Research Institute in 2008 suggested that junk food consumption alters brain activity in a manner similar to addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin. This sop!und bad right? No one don’t want to involve with drugs so stop eat this shit and boost your healthy life!

Following this D.I.Y lunch making method Continue reading “Do you have a healthy lunch?”

About weight changes

My father always says, “There’s two kinds of people in the world….the Irish…and those who wish they were Irish”.  Which means my Dad’s a big fan of corned beef and cabbage, and a nice Irish Whiskey.  If the restaurant I was in on St. Patrick’s Day Saturday was any indication…there’s a LOT of people wanting to be Irish—the Guiness couldn’t be poured fast enough!  St. Pat’s may not be an “official” holiday, but for many, it was a day to overeat and drink.  We all occasionally overindulge on weekends, but it’s really not the reward you need after watching what you eat all week long.  Having a cheat meal now and then is actually a great way to stave off cravings and binge eating, but overindulging every weekend can lead to problematic, compulsive eating behaviors. Continue reading “About weight changes”

Eat salad but weight still increasing?

Salad is one of the food which is often eaten by healthy people for now, it has various health benefits but does it have any disadvantage which someone don’t know? This is one of the favourite question of this time so for health sake, I will explain it.

First, you must understand that what makes your weight increasing(your weight will increase when you have Continue reading “Eat salad but weight still increasing?”

Make just ONE change!

I always get a kick out of people saying, “I love to eat”.  Well yeah, don’t we all?  It’s one of America’s favourite past times!  But usually I hear that same comment followed by, “…which is why I can’t lose weight”.

Who says you can’t  ”love to eat” healthy foods?  I really enjoy chocolate chip cookie dough…but I also enjoy grilled zucchini, eggplant and onion with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese.  It’s a no-brainer as to which is the better choice. Continue reading “Make just ONE change!”

No starvation anymore! Making true concept of losing weight.

The sake of this post is to discuss the true concept of losing weight, I just want to make sure you have the right understanding of it before read any weight losing article or eat any losing weight pill.

So let’s get to the main problem. The fat people want to become slim or good shape so their think that if their not eat anything they will become thin. This attitude is wrong! The truth is when you starvation, your body will activate energy reservation mode then  the metabolism rate will lessen and the fat will stay still. When you are starvation, your body will think “Oh! It is emergency, there is no food, no energy so I must keep the energy as much as I can!!!!”. Continue reading “No starvation anymore! Making true concept of losing weight.”

The most dangerous fat, even if you are thin!

Our body have a various kinds of fat, some are beneficial, some just weigh our body and some can KILL us.

What the hell is this fat?

That badass is called visceral fat, it place around our abdomen. The duty of visceral fat is cover our internal organs. The visceral fat is created when you are lazy or not exercise, the fat will slowly accumulate in your body and waiting to destroy your health like a timebomb. It can cause so many health problem ; For instance, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer and a lot more. Continue reading “The most dangerous fat, even if you are thin!”

Top 5 WRONG Fitness myth that you should know!

I just want you to have right perception about it, everyone deserve this truth because if you do it wrong it can make you more fatigue and exhaust so let’s get started to the point!!

NO.5 : Working out should have some pain for getting benefits from it.

Most of people don’t know that the pain is the injury not benfits. If you do it right, not any parts of your body will be injured. If you hurt, it can mean that you do it in wrong way so change it. This is exercise not torture, you get it? Continue reading “Top 5 WRONG Fitness myth that you should know!”