No starvation anymore! Making true concept of losing weight.

The sake of this post is to discuss the true concept of losing weight, I just want to make sure you have the right understanding of it before read any weight losing article or eat any losing weight pill.

So let’s get to the main problem. The fat people want to become slim or good shape so their think that if their not eat anything they will become thin. This attitude is wrong! The truth is when you starvation, your body will activate energy reservation mode then  the metabolism rate will lessen and the fat will stay still. When you are starvation, your body will think “Oh! It is emergency, there is no food, no energy so I must keep the energy as much as I can!!!!”.

See? you will just get nothing more than the hunger and wrong attitude, your weight will not decrease at all then you will think that losing weight is difficult. Finally, you will abolish to get in shape. This is just too bad for our intention?

So you will have question, what really make our weight lose.The answer is very simple, just eat right and exercise regularly.

This is the real concept which everyone should know it. Now you have the right mindset, be prepare to lose your weight and get in shape for NOW.

Hope you guys get the concept of this. Go easy and live healthy.

I will be happy if you apply all of my sharing to your daily life.

Remember kids“Health cannot buy but it can be built.”

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