How to Lose Wrist, Hand, Finger and Thumb Fat Fast

Some people have thicker wrists than others and it’s just a simple fact.  There are some exercises for your wrists that can help to strengthen them, however, some people will always have slightly thicker wrists due to bone structure.  Your fingers and thumbs are also sized by your bone structure.  Sometimes, by losing weight, our wrists, fingers, and thumbs get smaller.  Rings and bracelets will fit a little looser.  That is quite normal, and it does happen.  Here are some things that you can do to lose wrist fat, finger fat, and hand fat.

The most sure way to lose fat is to eat less food and exercise more than you do now.  It is easier said than done, but it does work if you set your mind to it.  Overall weight loss will begin to shrink down even your wrist fat and finger fat.  Engaging in more physical activity is key in weight loss, as well as reducing your overall calorie intake.  You can’t simply work out your hands and expect them to shrink, but you can tone them and strengthen them.

There are some easy practical ways to give your hands and wrists exercise.  Typing can work each one of your fingers.  You can download a free typing tutor or take typing speed tests online to keep your fingers moving.  Typing does burn calories, believe it or not.  The faster you type, the more calories you will burn.  You might find that you lose hand fat if you type everyday.  Make sure that you have to proper form, as you could develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

To exercise your wrist, you can use a door knob or a screwdriver.  Place a firm grip on either one of these items and turn several times.  You can switch hands and keep going until your wrists feel a little tired.  Don’t overdo it, though.

Make a fist.  Squeeze your fist tightly, and slowly release one finger at a time.  Repeat this action 5 to 10 times.  This will strength your hand muscles.

There are also some actual exercises that you can do for your wrists.  These are more advanced, and if your wrists are not strong enough, you could hurt them, so be careful.

Wrist extensions are done with a barbell.  Sit down with your forearms resting on you thighs.  Grip the barbell with your palms facing downward.  Now, using your wrists, lower the barbell so that your hands are in a hanging position.  Bring the barbell back to the starting position.  Repeat this exercise until your wrists feel tired.

Push-ups can also help to strengthen wrists.  So, do some push-ups.

Make sure that you warm up your wrists before you do any of these exercises.  You should rotate your hand in a circular motion a few times, and then rotate it again in the opposite direction.  You can also stretch the wrist and hand muscles by interlacing your fingers and extending your arms out in front of you.   To stretch your wrists and hands a bit more, you can gently push back your fingers with your opposite hand, and then gently push back your thumb.  You should not push hard, because you will strain the muscles on your wrist and hands.

It is also important to make sure that you give your wrists and fingers to proper rest in between workouts.  Your hands do a lot more work than your realize, so remember to treat them like any other muscle in your body and give them a break.  If you feel pain or stain during any of the exercises, you should stop right away.  Remember, you can lose wrist fat, hand fat, and finger fat if you lose weight overall.

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