How to Lose Weight

How to lose weight is a question that every second person asks these days. The obesity rate is increasing day by day because of comfort life and junk food. If you want to remain healthy than losing weight can take some time. Fat people want to know how to lose weight within few days but without being hungry and they take some fat burning pills, but we all know it does not work. We know that how to lose weight is a simple formula consists of daily exercise, a perfect diet and a strong will.

In this article we will see how to lose weight for long period.

1. Exercise speed up weight loss

If you want to overcome your weight for a long period than do some good exercise. Your 15 minute exercise a day will make your heat beat fast and increase your metabolism. If you do not want to run than start with a simple walk, it will help you a lot in reduction of extra calories from your body.

2. Your food diary

The factor which decide whether you are losing your weight or not is your food diary, because in this way you may keep an eye on your eating habit. If your are not noticing that what and how much your are taking then its very bad for you. If you think that taking 200 calories extra per day is not a big deal, then its mean you are taking 1400 extra calories per week. These extra calories will lead a weight gain, so write each and everything you eat, also describe the food type and there prices. By this writing habit you will be able to find out the right size of food which your body requires.

3. The healthy mindset

Do not put burden on yourself by making tough diet plan. Firstly, your body needs the right fuel to function, which could be by a controlled diet. Have you ever heard that car can run on water? No, not at all, and in the same way your body can not run well by consuming oily food. If you determine your body need, then you are half forward to your goal.

4. Overeating

Mostly we eat more than our body need this happen because of just our eating habit and taste. This overeating habit increase calories and fat day by day. Stress, depression, alone and angry are few factors which maybe the cause of overeating occasionally. Get rid of these factors and get back on your diet plan.

5. Portion control

Try this most essential aspect to lose your weight, try your best to cut down your portion intake. The best way to practice this portion control is not to eat anything in the evening. If you feel hungry and want to take some snack than eat something healthy food before going to bed.

These above 5 tips will help you in understanding how to lose weight. So how much you will follow these points, the more calories you will reduce.


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