Eat salad but weight still increasing?

Salad is one of the food which is often eaten by healthy people for now, it has various health benefits but does it have any disadvantage which someone don’t know? This is one of the favourite question of this time so for health sake, I will explain it.

First, you must understand that what makes your weight increasing(your weight will increase when you have

the calories you left more than the calories you use. Normally, human will burn 2000 calories per day)

,it’s not matter what the things you eat but it’s really matter in what the things you get. Actually, vegetables and fruits in salad give you very little calories so why does your weight still increasing?

THE OUTLAW is the salad sauce!!!!

The truth is some kinds of salad sauce provide you a lot of calories, you can’t imagine each sauce was made by what ingredients(some was made by yolks) so make sure to check your sauce before eating any salad and enjoy your tasty health.

Thanks for reading!

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