Do you have a healthy lunch?

In our busy life, most people enjoy to eat junk food which they think it is the best choice because their claim that they don’t have enough time to make a healthy lunch but after reading this your will have new vision of selecting your lunch.

A study by Paul Johnson and Paul Kenny at the Scripps Research Institute in 2008 suggested that junk food consumption alters brain activity in a manner similar to addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin. This sop!und bad right? No one don’t want to involve with drugs so stop eat this shit and boost your healthy life!

Following this D.I.Y lunch making method


1. Sandwich

recipe :

– A pair of whole wheat bread

Why? Whole wheat bread have high level of pretein which can repair damaged part of your body.

– Onion or tomato or sweet pepper or lettuce

Why? Onion have flaviod and phenolics that basic research shows to have potential anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anticancer and antioxidant properties. Tomato can boost your skin(vitamin C) and resist free radical. Sweet pepper are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C. Lettuce consist of iron, calcium, vitamin A and many swesome substances that will probably better your whole body.

– Any kind of fish meat or chicken breast

Why? Fish meat have low cholerterol and easy to digest, this meat was suited to every age especially in old man. Chicken breast, this is subtitute for fish meat, you can choose chicken breast if you feel boring of the taste of fish but not too often (not too often = 3 per week)


– Fast

– Easy to make

– Low cost

– Low cholesterol

– Every one can eat

– Portable


– Don’t consecutively eat this for a long time (long time = 1 month or more) because our stomach will work too hard.

Can be fix by alternatively eat with another food (salad or other healthy meals)


2. Fish steak


– Dolly fish or salmon

Why? Dolly fish has very low-cost and avaliable, it has low cholesterol, low fat, high protein and easy to digest .

Salmon, it is magical fish, have a lot of omega 3 (reduce bad cholesterol), easy to absorb protein, low fat, low cholesterol and fucking delicious.

– Salt

Why? Taste salt.

– Pepper

Why? Spicy taste, nice smell and reduce the fishy smell.

– Rose mary

Why? For increasing fragant smell.

– Butter

Why? If you use oil,it will absorbed into the meat and cause more fat, butter will not. Butter make fish not stick to the pan, the meat will also softer. It can make a nicer smell.

– Tomato sauce or Chili sauce

Why? Reducing oily taste.


– Delicious unlike other healthy food

– Easy to digest

– Low fat

– High protein

– Low cholesterol

– Be full



– Spend time for fermentation (one hours – over night)

– Suitable for eating at home with family

– Salmon has more cost than dolly

– Hard to carry


3. Salad


– Tuna canned

Why? It is tuna salad and tuna can be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

– Queen tomato

Why? Improve your skin, contains a lot of vitamin C and B.

– Japanese cucumber

Why? Cucumbers consist of immense amount of water which is important for healthy skin, , very few calories, lots of fiber, and a various kind of vitamins and minerals. Sliced cucumbers are often used topically for swollen eyes, burns, and other skin problems.

– Red onion

Why? We can’t list the numerous profits of them all. Much of this benefit comes from powerful sulfur compounds, the same ones that account for the onions eye-watering odor. All of the compounds in red onion can reduce the blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and lower the cholesterol level. AMAZING!

– Iceberg lettuce

Why? Iceberg composed of 91% water which will immensely help your skin to become healthy. It’s low calories is such a good vegetable for diet. It’s B-vitamin also prevent your heart from strokes.

– Salad sauce

Why? Delicious lol



– Rich in nutrition

– Portable

– Delicious

– Good for diet

– Low cholesterol

– After eating, you will feel so healthy



– A lot of intregidents

– Can be oily with salad sauce at the bottom of disc

The healthy food might taste not good as junk food but remeber your health is last longer than the taste so enjoy it.

I will be happy if you apply all of my sharing to your daily life.

Remember kids“Health cannot buy but it can be built.”

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