Healthy foods for losing weight

It is not so difficult to lose weight but its challenging, eliminate 3500 calories and try some fat burning foods. By consuming less than 500 calories each day we can achieve weight loss goal very easily.

In terms of diet, we often have preconceived ideas! Thus, no food actually makes you fat: it is when we make bad associations (too sweet, too fat) in large quantities you get out of a balanced diet.

Basics to Understand

For successful weight loss, it is crucial to be motivated, to choose the right time and not have too high and accept less dramatic weight loss goals. Do not consider losing more than 1 pound per week. Being permanently change habits and adopt a varied diet is a key success factor.

Healthy food to lose weight

Here are some recommendations on the best food choices for weight loss process. The most important rule remains only eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full, regardless of the quality of selected foods.

1). Low energy density foods

Choose foods that contain a small amount of calories compared to their volume: fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals and legumes. High in fiber, water and nutrients, these foods occupy an important place in the stomach from eating them, thus contributing to satiation.

By focusing on foods with very low or low energy density, you feel satiated without consuming a lot of calories.

2). Protein Foods

To reduce calories easily, we need to eat foods that satiate. The proteins are the consistent part of a meal. They are very important in a balanced diet, because its satiate best and provide a stable energy .

Foods Rich in Protein

  • Nut butte
  • Natural peanut butter
  • Egg and Seafood
  • Fish and Legume
  • Poultry
  • Soy beverage
  • Milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Nutritional yeast

3). Fiber Diet

The dietary fiber acts in two ways to reduce appetite and promote calorie control. On one hand, they slow the absorption of sugar in the blood. On the other hand, they swell by absorbing water and thus provide stomach the feeling of being filled.

To control weight by a healthy diet, it is recommended to consume 25 g to 35 g of fiber per day .This can be done easily: 3 fruits, 4 vegetables, 5 grains whole grains. Adding some legumes, nuts and seeds, you’ll get even more.

4). Serving of Fruits and vegetables

It is important to achieve the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, as they are low in calories and are full of antioxidants, fiber and water. A meal with 50% of the base is made up of fruits and vegetables, which are more likely to quickly fill to a smaller amount of calories.

5). Drink Water

Liquids are not only for filling the stomach but they also affect the body moisturizing, supporting it in its process cleaning and promoting chemical reactions.

Liquids Like..

  • Water (Recommended)
  • Teas (Green Teas, Lemon Teas etc.)
  • Milk and Soy drinks
  • Natural Fruit Juice (Without Sugar)
  • Coffee

Water alone should be the main source of liquid consumed. On average, women need 2.2 liters (8 cups) of fluid per day; and men of 3 liters (12 cups) per day

6). Snacks:

A snack in the afternoon proves beneficial because it prevents hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). By taking a snack about 1-2 hours before going to dinner (of course if you experience hunger), then you eat more reasonable amounts for the evening meal. To be nutritious and well support the body, the snack should contain protein and carbohydrates.

Examples of healthy snacks:

  • Walnuts and 2 dates
  • Vegetable juice
  • Raw foods
  • Cheese (not more than 15% fat)

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are best and healthy diets for weight loss, the green smoothie is rich in vitamins. It helps to activate the metabolism of the body. Smoothies are beverages made with fresh or frozen fruit with yogurt, milk, some fruit juice and ice, mixed in a blender.


1 avocado

2 cups spinach

Apple slices

1 large cucumber


2 sheets of black curly kale


Water 2 Cup

Now it’s ready. ?
Extra Tip! Don’t Forget to Exercise daily. Drink More Water, only eat when your feel hunger.

How to Get Thin Without Grueling Workouts or Diets

So you want to lose your weight and become slim, but no way to diet.. Yes it is possible to lose weight without necessarily starving yourself. Modify some of your (bad) habits would be enough to tip the balance on the right side.

Like many women, you also want to get thin or lose weight without too many constraints. As we understand you! Your life is already busy between work, kids, home, leisure and some. You really do not want to spend hours thinking about your diet or to go to a dietician. You do not really want to change your lifestyle. Then don’t worry, here we got something for you.The different phases of the diet without weight loss method:

You should eat only when you are really hungry. “A tip: When you are hungry, at noon or at any other time of the day, remember to eat slowly, it allows you to be satisfied more easily!”

The last step of the psychological healing is to be free of food taboos such as cakes and other delicacies, consuming them at lunch time instead of a proper meal. You can do this for about four days, but attention must be consumed in moderation! This is not an invitation to a buffet “at will”. You should eat slowly.

Despite the multitude of existing schemes, losing weight is not always a successful business. The Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health points out the importance of our behavior in weight loss, beyond the issue of the regime itself.

Here are 7 Tips That Will Help You to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Choose small dishes
Research shows that we always choose a large plate over eat. It is therefore advisable to choose small plates and serve small portions, even refills later.

Try to sleep well
There are many people who work at night with no trouble sleeping 8 consecutive hours of work on arrival but this is not the case for everyone. Many people who work at night have great difficulty falling asleep after their shift, staying asleep, or sleeping at least 6 hours a day. Lack of sleep affects your weight loss because of your hunger confusion with the lack of fatigue.

Chewing is a fundamental process. It allows one hand to feel any taste of food and also improve digestion because saliva contains enzymes that facilitate the future work of our digestive system.

Eating slowly
Eating slowly means more time to enjoy the taste of food. Furthermore, when we eat too quickly our body sends a signal of satiety to the brain too late. As long as this signal does not arrive we are driven to continue to eat and therefore often eat too much.

Avoid skipping meals
Home from work tired and with a big appetite we are driven to eat more food than we would have done with several meals during the day. To avoid tiredness and cravings it is recommended to consume foods with low glycol index.

Eating a diet rich in plant
A recent study led by Harvard researchers found that a higher intake of red meat and cured meats is associated with greater weight gain. Conversely vegetarian or diet rich in vegetables is associated with better weight control.

Best anti-aging products for your skin

Now a day’s everyone want to look fit, young and energetic. And yes! it is possible, Don’t use any market products and let your skin grow naturally by eating healthy foods. Choosing the right foods is the best way to stay healthy and fit for long time. It is equally important to eat a wide variety to give the body all the nutrients it needs, and to prevent the body from a harmful reaction that can be triggered by too narrow a diet.
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I know many people’s are struggling to lose their extra weight and trying to get in to perfect body shape. It’s not tough but not easy too. There are several solutions to lose weight like weight loss pills, weight loss diets, fat burning foods, regular exercise, and better nutrition etc. Depending on your goals, you choose the method that suits you best. These two elements “regular exercise” and “a balanced diet” is very important for you if you really want to lose weight.

Balance Your Body with Good Diet

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